The Office of the Seneschal - Kingdom of Lochac

From the Kingdom Seneschal

March 2014

Warm Greetings to all of Lochac, from Caristiona nic Beathain, Lochac Seneschal!

New Seneschals:

Gwir verch Madog (Susan Barzda-Ryan) – Krae Glass
Aliena de Savigny (Jenny McSaveney)- Darton
Valdemar von Mecklenberg (Chris Glowacki) - Cairn Fell
Anna Felice Tavestoche (Nicole Hellessey)- Ynys Fawr

New Kingdom Officers:

Lists – Rowland Bridgefort (Robin Fisher)
Lists and Authorisations NZ- Ginevra Isabella di Serafino Visconti (Elizabeth Kent)
Chronicler - Honoré Corbaut (Georgia Winter)
Keeper of the Regalia - Mistress Joie Tigre d’Argentona (Lynette Hobcroft )

Good Things:

  1. Armoured Youth Combat is well on its way to being a reality in Lochac. With the help of the Youth Minister, the Earl Marshal, the SCA Ltd Board, the SCANZ Committee, Catherine D'Arc and many others Lochac is now ready to be able to move forward with YAFA, with Armoured Youth Combat and with any other form of Youth activities possibly including Youth Fencing/Rapier in the near future.
  2. Due to some recent difficulties a new Facebook group has opened up to look at Bullying and Harassment over Lochac and to help formulate ways of managing this. While the reasons that this started up are not good things, the start up of a group to address these things is positive.
  3. Investigation into ways of making Crown events cheaper with a possible knock on effect of reducing the number of groups slipping under the radar when it comes to not paying their Kingdom Levies started.


Lochac’s numbers have had a bit of a revival over the last quarter. Numbers have increased from 1652 in November to 1685 in January. This includes 156 Adult members in New Zealand with 3 minors. Minors do not need to membership in New Zealand so the number of active minors participating in SCA activities is unknown. In Australia the number of current adult members is 1236 and the number of minors is 290.

Good Ideas and Things to Try

  1. A newcomers CD. Cheaper than printing and fits more stuff.
  2. A "how to write your name the way your persona would have" calligraphy class.
  3. Bring out your dead days. Bring out those A&S projects you know you'll never finish and swap them with other people who might.
  4. A&S night show and tell. Have one or two people show everyone what they're working on or have done, just like you did in primary school.
  5. Challenge yourself or your group to complete an unfinished project by X event.
  6. Look at sharing your really big demos between groups. It's not as much work if one group does Saturday and the other does Sunday.
  7. Online notebooks on your group's website where the group officer can make to do lists and wish lists and notes of things they think their successor will want to know.

In service,

Caristiona nic Beathain
Viscountess, OL, OP, OSP, ORoLi, AoA
Lochac Seneschal

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