The Office of the Seneschal — Kingdom of Lochac

Lochac Officer Training Symposium (LOTS), January 14, 2011, Canberra

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Draft Timetable for LOTS

The draft timetable for the Sessions is below. Suggestions to be sent to Mistress Isobel —

Note: In order not to overload any individuals, to encourage dialogue and also to make best use of all the broad expertise available, the plan is for panes and groupl discussions as much as possible. All participants are encouraged to bring material to share on their particular area of expertise, which can be shared in either the office-specific sessions or during one of the four topical streams, depending on where it best fits.

08:30 Registration, introductions

9:00 1st Session: Keynote address — overview and outline of goals for the day.
09:30 2nd Session: Dividing into small groups by office, open discussion with a focus on some key questions:

  • What are the main tasks/requirements of this office?
  • What makes an excellent officer? What are the key skills needed?
  • What are the most common challenges of this office?
  • What support do I need and who/where/how do I get that support?
  • 10:30 Morning break

    10:45 3rd Session: Plenary session, presenting the previous session´s discussion and sharing ideas about key skills, identify common challenges and sources of support.
    11:15 4th Session: Key skills training — 4 streams:

  • Administration skills (staying organised, managing the paperwork)
  • Communication (people skills, working with volunteers, conflict resolution)
  • Financial (bookkeeping 101, banking, reporting)
  • Politics (governance, working with other offices, key relationships)
  • 12:30 Lunch

    13:30 5th Session: Key skills training — (as in 4th session, participants picking a new stream)
    14:45 Afternoon break
    15:00 6th Session: Everything you always wanted to know about Kingdom Administration but were afraid to ask: Panel discussion and Q&A from the floor
    16:30 7th Session: Feedback and summary of the day:
    17:30 Free time & dinner
    20:30 8th Session: Fun training session, possibly "Corpora trivia" and other mildly competitive games and/or some more workshoping issues arising from the day´s sessions. (Depending on energy levels and level of interest/focus.)

    22:00 Close

    More details

    The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is a facility of the ACT Government Department of Education and Training (DET) and is located at 51 Fremantle Drive Stirling ACT.

    on Friday evening will be at the local Labor Club - Weston Creek, Teesdale Close, Stirling. This is just a short walk from the conference venue, across pleasant parkland. The Bistro offers very affordable meals and we will have the use of a good function room in case the venue is busy (it being Friday night).

    We will make every effort to provide billeting for any who need it from Thursday through the weekend. At present we have over a dozen people who have requested billeting. If you need a place to stay, please let us know as soon as possible.

    Canberra is a fairly easy town to get around in if you have access to a vehicle or can afford taxis. It can be harder if you are relying on public transport. We will be arranging for transport to and from the airport as well as getting around town as much as we can. Travel time between the LOTS venue and the airport or the train station is about 40 minutes and the coronation event to airport/train is about 20 minutes. Again, we’ve already had quite a few requests so please let us know so we can coordinate this.

    In order not to overload any individuals and to make best use of all the broad expertise available, the plan is to arrange for panel and group discussions as much as possible. We'd love everyone to be involved with the content as much as they feel willing and able. What topics or offices are you comfortable with or passionate about?

    Would you like to:
    a) be a panel member for your particular office or one of the topics or
    b) facilitate a discussion (where you "chair" the discussion rather than drive the content)
    c) simply participate in discussions and learn lots!

    Feel free to send or bring material to share in either the office-specific sessions or during one of the four topical streams.

    Registration Form