The Office of the Seneschal - Kingdom of Lochac

From the Seneschal

August-September 2009

For Australian stewards and reeves seeking information on the $2/head event membership levies: These are in effect, applying to non-members aged 18 and over at the same kind of events where the $1/head Kingdom levy applies. For details, see section VII.4 of Kingdom Law.

New Zealand seneschals will find that they can now automatically access member information and counts for their group (and subgroups, if any) when they log on to the SCA NZ membership system. Australian seneschals can obtain a special Registry login for the same purpose from the SCAA Registrar.

Finally, the Lochac Procedure Manual is under active review at this time. If you want to contribute any thoughts about its current content, please get in touch.

Bartholomew Baskin
Lochac Seneschal



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