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December 2010

I had the pleasure last month of wayfaring to the far west of Lochac to attend a magnficent November Crown. While local customs and preferences vary in interesting ways, it remains clear that, even travelling from one side of the Kingdom to the other, we are all part of one big, energetic, welcoming and talented family.

And, like a family, our concerns are the same whereever we may reside: the importance of good succession planning, so that offices are handed over smoothly; the need to constantly work on clear and courteous communications; and the immense value of bringing newcomers into the fold and actively supporting their early steps in our world.

These issues and many others will be the stock-in-trade of the Lochac Officer Training Symposium (LOTS), held in Politarchopolis the day before Twelfth Night next year. If your group doesn't yet have someone attending, please try to make arrangements soon, using the generous travel support available from Kingdom, and perhaps also the hardship support provided courtesy of the Rowany Fighter Auction Tourney fund.

For detailed information on LOTS, please see

We can all benefit by hearing of and learning from the experience of others, whether from grandparents or from past and current officers from across the Kingdom.

With the holiday season fast approaching, may I wish you all a very relaxed and enjoyable time with your families of all descriptions, and an excellent New Year.

Bartholomew Baskin, OP, LoG, CB, OAA (Caid), PJ
Kingdom of Lochac



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