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From the Seneschal

February 2011

Plenty of news this month:

* Lochac Kingdom Law was amended at Twelfth Night Coronation by Their Majesties Edmund and Leonore. The changes enacted are detailed in this issue of Pegasus, and you can find the full text of current Kingdom Law at

* The Lochac Officer Training Symposium (LOTS) was attended by nearly 70 people covering 3/4 of the Kingdom's groups and a good many officers from Kingdom and SCA Ltd and SCA NZ. Mistress Isabel and her helpers did a wonderful job - the main complaint heard was "too short!" Expect a fair amount of mailing list and documentation activity in coming months as some of the ideas it generated steadily unfold.

* Courtesy of Lord Llwyd ap Madog, a new contributions page makes it easy for you to financially support valuable Kingdom services, e.g. when you get an award scroll, authorisation card or heraldic registration:

* Thanks to great efforts by Lord Nicodemus Novello and many testers and commentators, event stewards can now use this online event submission form to get details to the Kingdom Chronicler and Web Minister:

The above form is now the preferred way to send event submissions for Pegasus.

* Mistress Katherina Weyssin von Regenspurk - - will formally succeed me as Lochac Seneschal at Rowany Festival in late April.

Bartholomew Baskin, OP, LoG, CB, OAA (Caid), PJ
Kingdom of Lochac



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