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January 2011

As the New Year begins, we have much to look forward to in Lochac. The LOTS officer training symposium, wonderful Crown events - including one embedded in Festival itself, a Children's Deputy to support newly-clarified policies in that area, and a continuation of excellent and fruitful efforts in so many offices and groups during 2010. And for me, at least, a chance to relinquish the Kingdom Seneschal role into a very safe pair of hands come April.

With that moment in mind, may I ask that a key mantra for any officer at any level be "to do an excellent handover". Over the years, I've seen so much information, drive and sometimes even materials lost at such times, because the outgoing officer either left suddenly or didn't allow enough time and energy for that vital step.

That invariably leads to a lot of additional work and loss, but it's easily prevented with forethought. Thus, for 2011 and beyond, please make it your personal mission to make any handover involving you a very thorough and very successful one. Four key aspects to include are:

Your group and the Kingdom will run much more smoothly if more officers get good handovers because the above guidelines are followed.

Finally, thank you for all the feedback provided concerning November's proposed changes to Kingdom Law. Such feedback is invariably helpful in determining what will finally be enacted.

A happy and successful 2011 to you all!

In service,

Bartholomew Baskin, OP, LoG, CB, OAA (Caid), PJ
Kingdom of Lochac



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