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From the Seneschal

July 2009

The Seneschal site has been redesigned by Lord Ronan mac Briain, who has helped improve so many group, event and Kingdom sites in recent years. Most of the same content is here but, hopefully, will now be easier to find and be more reliably linked.

Of particular note this month is the latest revision to Lochac Kingdom Law.

Also online this month is a new Crown Event Handbook, drawn from many sources, both near and far. This should be a valuable resource for those bidding for or stewarding Crown events, or indeed any large event.

Lochac is currently going through a period of significant change and renewal. Some of this is at the operational level (e.g. a gradual web server transition), some in terms of policy and administration (e.g. financial and procedures manual reviews) and some in terms of goals and processes -- especially a renewed focus on recruitment and retention.

Your officers at both Kingdom and local level are likely to be deeply involved with some of these issues. I encourage you to always provide them with your feedback, your support and your ideas for further improvements or refinements. Get involved! This is your Kingdom, and can only benefit from what you bring to it.

Bartholomew Baskin
Lochac Seneschal



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