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From the Seneschal

May / June 2011

Warm Greetings to all of Lochac, from Katherina Weyssin, Seneschal!

At Rowany Festival I took over as Lochac Seneschal from Master Bartholomew, with great enthusiasm and some trepidation. As you will all have cause to know, Bartholomew has done a splendid job for the last two years, and has made this kingdom better in many, many ways. Our collective gratitude can be measured by the cheer that went up when Their Majesties granted him an Augmentation of Arms.

There are many things on my personal "project list" for the next few years, and no doubt many will be added in the coming weeks. I'd like to see our recent increase in membership continue, and spread to all our groups; I'd like to help make holding office easier and more effective; I'd like to build on what many of us learned at LOTS, and find ways to make our groups even better; I'd like to continue the work of making our rules and procedure clear, transparent, and accurate. These things are not "the Game" or "the Dream", but they are the things that - along with the tireless work of hundreds of volunteers - allow the game and the dream we love to flourish.

Whatever aspect of the SCA you're involved in, it may seem sometimes that all it takes is a few motivated people in the right roles at the right times and everything will happen. But the successes of Lochac would not happen without all the many people who give generously of their time, from the Crown and the kingdom officers, through the group officers and the stewards of events both big and small. You can contribute in these ways, but also by attending events, by sharing your artistic skills, by marshalling, heralding, cooking and in myriad ways too numerous to list here. This diversity of people and of interests, and the contributions we all make, is what enriches the realm.

I am sure that you will give me as much support as you've given Bartholomew. I ask that you also support your group and its officers by asking yourself how your passion and skills can make our game richer, easier or more inviting for others. Our kingdom is rich in resources, most of all in passionate, enthusiastic, generous people, willing to offer not only their ideas and creativity, but their time and dedication. I look forward to working with each and every one of you, and I'm honoured to be able to serve Lochac as its Seneschal.

In service,
Katherina Weyssin
Lochac Seneschal

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