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From the Seneschal

March 2011

Major events like Canterbury Faire, Festival and the like all tend to result in a post-event "bounce" amongst the populace, as the ideas and enthusiasm we had a chance to share take hold of us. Such bounces provide an ideal time to consider the level of your involvement in the administration of your group and Society.

That need not involve taking on an officer position - although for many people a deputy role is a nice, non-challenging start along that road. For many, just paying closer attention to the governance and planning in your group, or making a greater effort to attend and help with events, meetings and practices is a very valuable contribution.

Your group officers often work hard to get you involved in its activities, so that your own ideas and wider visions have a chance to be realised on the SCA stage. Some of them go to great lengths to keep you informed and consulted - please repay that with interest, and everyone will benefit.

At the Kingdom level, much has been done in recent years to try and improve the quality, responsiveness and clarity of our many communications and processes. But it is a never-ending challenge, and more help is always welcome.

This is your Society, and the many themes that play out within it are a direct result of the attention and energy given to it by officers and supporters at every level, from the Crown and "Inc" officials down to the newest College member. Your own contributions - not just ideas but support, energy and activity - can help make it better for everyone.

Bartholomew Baskin, OP, LoG, CB, OAA (Caid), PJ
Kingdom of Lochac



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