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May 2010

And once again Easter is past and a new SCA year is upon us, complete with May Crown tournament and the new Royal Heirs it will reveal.

It should be noted that there were three important Kingdom events held over Easter - Rowany Festival (NSW), Suth Moot (Vic) and Autumn Gathering (WA). These three regional events -- one very well established, two in their early stages -- each made the most of the long Easter break to bring a lot of SCA activity to diverse parts of the Kingdom.

Whether or not all remain tied to Easter in future years, these events will succeed on their own merits -- supported by their local regions and any who find their offerings enticing. Across a Kingdom as large as Lochac, it is not realistic for any one event to "own" Easter. Even Crown events now have more flexibility in Law so that remote-but-conflicting events can be scheduled without special permission, if the stewards so desire.

A tradition I remember well from my Caidan days might one day be applied to good effect in parts of Lochac which are a long way from a given Crown event. In Southron Gaard, we used to deliberately hold our local Twelfth Night to coincide with our parent Kingdom's major event, so that we could raise a glass to the far-off doings and feel a warm connection. Here within Lochac, we could gain a welcome lift from explicitly supporting our Crown and Kingdom with a deliberate echo of a main event held elsewhere.

More recently, at a College event which ran (with permission) against a November Crown, the local B&B were able to announce to the feasting populace the results of the Crown Tournament which had just concluded. That gave to all present a greater sense of involvement in this, their Kingdom.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. We share not so much a single Dream but a way of combining our dreams with the high level of cooperation and common purpose needed to see them realised. And while the detail of our rules and processes may change from time to time, our shared goals rarely do.

Bartholomew Baskin
Lochac Seneschal



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