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From the Seneschal

May 2012

Warm Greetings to all of Lochac, from Catherine de Arc, Lochac Seneschal!

New Groups

There have been a record number of new group formations in recent months including:

The Canton of Mynedd Cynghordy in River Haven
The College of St Lazarus of Bethany in Aneala
The Canton of Lightwood in Ynys Fawr
The College of St Andronicus in Politarchopolis

Congratulations to everyone involved in getting these groups off the ground.

Congratulations also to the Canton of Stegby in River Haven which has left incipiency to become a fully-fledged group.

Law Changes

There are several proposed law changes in the June issue of Pegasus that relate to eligibility for Crown lists. Please read and comment on them. They may affect you one day.


Many of the things we enjoy most about the SCA would not be possible without the officers who make them happen.

Our Kingdom Officers have been truly amazing to work with and I would like to thank them all for their hard work and devotion to Lochac.

In particular, this time I would like to thank Mistress Liduina de Kasteelen van Valkenburg and Lord Hugh de Beaufort who stepped in to handle the offices of Kingdom Hospitaller and Kingdom Constable with no notice at all when their predecessors resigned suddenly. This is no small ask and they have handled it with aplomb.

You will see that there have been a few Kingdom Offices advertised recently. Kingdom Offices are not for the faint-hearted. They are hard work, they can demand a lot of time and there will be points at which the urge to start whacking people with a wet fish will become overwhelming. But you will also get to work with some truly remarkable people all over the Kingdom and the world and, trust me, you'll be glad you did it. There's nothing like playing at this level. If you have managed n office successfully at Barony or Shire level, then consider applying for the next level up if you have the opportunity. This is where most Kingdom Officers come from.

In service,

Catherine de Arc

Pelican, Baroness, Cockatrice, Prometheus, Taillefer, Rose Leaf, AoA
Lochac Seneschal

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