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How Can I get Involved?

It's very easy to get involved with the SCA. Quite simply you just show up.  
Of course with anything, you want to make sure you're turning up to the right place, at the right time, with the right clothing.  

We like to know if you are interested in turning up to anything, so that we can make sure that someone will be looking out for you. If you would like to turn up to something, you can drop us an 
email. One of our officers will respond usually within 24 hours. They will be able to answer some questions, and refer you to someone for further information and support if needed.

If you want to speak to someone by phone, please feel free to look at our 
contact list


Age requirements

Activities in the SCA are mostly non age restrictive.  The only area that has restrictions is in relation to Combat. We do ask that if you are under the age of 18 that:

  • You must have a parent or guardian attend with you.
  • If this is not sustainable over a period of time, there are forms available for your participate provided that there is someone willing to take responsibility for you while attending that your parents approve of.


Events are where we dress in pre C16th clothing and have fun participating in medieval and renaissance activities such as tournaments, feasts, balls and revels. These generally occur on the weekend. To participate you are required to make an attempt at pre C16th clothing (garb).  
You can borrow garb for your first couple of events until you get a chance to make your own. We have many people willing to help you to get started. The making of stuff is half the fun.

Information about what events are coming up can be located on our homepage.


There are a few different types of meetings that we hold. 

We have regular meetings to come together to learn skills from each other.  This could be Combat or Arts and Sciences, and they are also a great time to catch up with people.  You don't need to wear garb for meetings though sometimes learning to dance in the garments you intend to dance in makes it a little easier. 

We also have regular administrative and finance meetings where the members get to discuss the current happenings or future direction of the groups activities.  These are hosted by the officers (usually the Seneschal) and form part of the way the members can have a say in what the group chooses to do.