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Baron and Baroness

Master Drake Morgan and Mistress Acacia d'Navarra

The Baron and Baroness are the ceremonial heads of the Barony.

They represent the Crown of Lochac in all things and administer the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere in Their name.

They hold the honour of bestowing awards to members of the populace.



Steffan Glaube

The chief administrator officer and legal representative of St Florian de la Riviere.

They are also responsible for coordinating and managing the activities of the group's other officers.



Nesta verch Wyn

The officer in charge of the financial and asset administration for the Barony.

Arts and Sciences

Leonore d'Scotia

The officer is responsible for encouraging and facilitating Arts and Sciences within the Barony and
can direct you to people who specialise in a particular field.




Sebastien of St Florians

The office in charge of keeping order at an event, managing waiver paperwork, lost property as well as looking after WH&S.




Sabine du Bourbonais

The officer in charge of development and registration of names and devices, court ceremonies, field and court heraldry at events. 



Gustav Richardson

The officer responsible in charge of overall rules and procedures for combat in the SCA.
They are responsible for watching over a fight in progress, prepared to stop it in case of injury, broken equipment, or any other anomolies.
Rarely acts as a referee or judge, but may give an opinion if asked by the fighters.

Marshals generally have the best view of the fighting field.




Duchess Asa Beiskalda

As part of the marshallate office, the lists manage who gets to combat whom during tournaments.
It's got the second best view of the field to the marshal.




Katie of St Florians

The officer in charge of greeting and helping newcomers.
Also loans costumes, feast gear etc as needed and organises accommodation for out of town guests.



Steffan Glaube

The officer in charge of providing regular information to the Barony.



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