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Baroness Birthday Passe de Armes Location: Yeronga Park Yeronga (Parking on Villa St)

Time: Armour Inspection:9:30 am (for 10:00 start)

Cost: $7 Members, $10 non-members, $3 Off-board $3 children

Bookings: the Autocrat. Bookings Close: Wednesday 26th June.

Event Type: Collegia and Trivial Night

Description: Come and celebrate the birthday of our beloved Baroness St Florian de La Riviere with a tournament in the park. This display of martial prowess will be in the passe de armes format. The Baronial Guard will hold the field against all who may challenge them. A sumptous lunch will be provided for those who will by Lord Stefano D'Urbino

Feastocrat Lord Stefano D'Urbino Steward: Nathaniel Mendoza y la Guadlajara Other Info: