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2002-04-20 Knights of the North Par D arms Location: Fairfield Park, cnr of Fairfield Road and Noble Streets, Access via Cameron Street Fairfield UBD Map 179 Q6.

Time: Inspection:1:30pm 2pm start

Cost: $5 includes fruit and cordial

Event Type: Passe d Armes

Description: Come Princes, Kings, Men at Arms and Squires to test your skills with the Knights of the North.

The invocation for this passe de armes will be held promptly at 2 bells, a brief ceremony and introductions proceeding the fighting.

We ask our noble challengers to bear their colours so that we may know their name. We also ask our challegners to bring themselves and their raiment such that they do honor the ideals for which we have dedicated ourselves, however imperfectly.

Steward/Feastocrat: Gabriel de Beaumont

Other Info: