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03.09.2005 September Baronial Championship


September Baronial Championship Location: Tourney: Fairfield Park, cnr of Fairfield Road and Noble Streets, Access via Cameron Street Fairfield UBD Map 179 Q6. Feast: Graceville Uniting Church Hall cnr Oxley Road & Verney Street, Graceville UBD 178M14

Time: Tourney: 1:30pm inspection for 2:00 start. Feast start at 6.30pm

Cost: Tourney only: $2M $5NM Feast (inc Tourney) $20M $25 NM

Bookings: Dept Steward: Henri de Montferrat

Event Type: Tournament and Feast

Description: The Baron and Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere, Giles and Maud, invite you to celebrate Their first championship with a feast of delicacies and sweetmeats of excellent proportions prepared by Earl Sir Alaric and his fine cooks.

Witness the Heavy Tourney, the heavily contested Arts Challenge and the choosing of the Baroness's first Champion.

The steward is taking this opportunity to spread the experience of running events. Should you be interested to develop skills, participate or assist, please contact the steward.

Bookings and enquiries to the Deputy Steward � Hardship cases negotiated with Steward� Cheques to be made out to SCA St Florian Inc � Please inform Steward of any dietary requirements or if any assistance to newcomers. � Closing date for bookings is 31/08/2005 � Steward reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone not booked. � Payment for bookings required unless cancellation prior to the close of booking date. � Refund for non-attendance only in exceptional circumstances as determined by the steward.

Steward: Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Dept Steward: Henri de Montferrat, Head Cook: Alaric of Bangor

Other Info: Tourney only: $2M $5NM Feast (inc tourney) $20 Members, $25 Non Members, $8 children 6-16 Under 5 is free. Hardship cases considered.