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05.08.2005 Great Northern War VII

Location: Allawah Scout Camp, Allawah Road, Chuwar. (Ipswich) 4306 Time: Site opens 5pm Friday 5th August closes Sunday 5pm Cost: : M All $40 Sat $28 Sun $14 NM $44 Sat $30 Sun Bookings: Alaric of Bangor earlalaric@raisedgold.com Event Type: Camping, War, Tourneys A&S and Feasting

Description: A weekend of war, tournament, feasting and Fun. Sides nominated on the day. War Saturday, Tournament Sunday. Cost includes catering. Bunks available for visitors � small extra fee of around $2 per day is incurred, and you must book the bunks. Contact Steward for extra details.

Steward: Alaric of Bangor Head Cook: Maud le Letiere