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07.05.2005 May Crown Tournament and Victory Feast

Location: White's Hill Community Centre


Cost: see below

Bookings: Lady Sabine de Bourbonaise azerbaijan@bigpond.com

Event Type: Tournament and Feast

Description: In 1513 the patrician of Rome celebrated the return of the Medici family to prominence in Florence with a feast. Sparing no luxury, the Medici entourage was treated with tastes, sights and entertainments, the like of which have not been seen in living memory, while the populace was invited to watch.

St Florian de la Riviere invites Lochac to join in the rebirth of the Legendary Medici feast at May Crown 2005.

Steward/Feastocrat: Stefano d'Urbino

Other Info: Dates are 07-08/05/2005 Pay before March 20 $40(M) $45 (NM) Pay from 20 March to (date to be advised $45 and $50 Pay after and or at door $50 and $55 BOOKINGS ARE CONFIRMED WITH PAYMENT BY NOMINATED DATE ONLY.