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12 Tourneys 2009

The 12 Tournaments

Hear me armoured combatants of the North!

It is with blessing of the Barons and Baronesses of River Haven and St Florian de la Riviere, that I hereby set this challenge to all combatants of the North:

I, Sir Baron St Florian de la Riviere Master Gabriel de Beaumont, consort to Duena Baroness St Florian de la Riviere Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora call on you to be like the heroes of legend and challenge you to fight the Twelve Tournaments.

Let those armoured combatants and their consorts willing to put actions over words present themselves to the populace at the Red and White Tournament held in Willoughby Vale and declare their intentions to step forward. To each combatant and consort who completes all 12 tournaments, I will present with a token so that all may know of their great accomplishment.

Which of you will be inspired by the heroes of old and step forward and slay the gorgon?

  • Red and White Tournament and Feast, Willoughbyvale
  • The Laleli Event, St Florian de la Rivierie
  • River Haven March Baronial Championship
  • Knights of the North Pas d'Armes St Florian de la Riviere
  • Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere Birthday Pas d'Armes
  • Great Northern War Ring of Fire Tournament, Northern Groups
  • St Florian de la Riviere Winter Baronial
  • Bacchus Woods Anniversary Tournament
  • Baroness of River Haven Birthday Pas d'Armes.
  • River Haven September Baronial Championship
  • Battle of Bottony Cross, St Florian de la Riviere
  • Celebration Tournament