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Photos from 1996



 Steward Team

 Cooking Team

 Event Documents


 Arthur's Bosom Tavern Event

 Caitlin O'Bannain of Offaly and Minna of Motherwell


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 Italian Observation Event (Feast of the Gods)



 Event Information


Celebration Tourney

Eleanor of the Orkneys


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 Golden Ball

 Marie de Lyon


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 Michaelmas III & Pas d'Armes

  •  Ulfgar the Unspeakable (Steward)
  • Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (Entertainment)
  • Gabriel de Beaumont (Hall steward, set up, serving team)
  • Ulfgar the Unspeakable (Head Cook
  • Claudia de Bercy 

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 Laurel Freedom Bus II

 Morwynna Branwynt


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 High Hunt I

 Manfred von Falconberg

 Marie de Luna

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A Kitchen Story - triumph!



 Yule Feast

 Amalia Van Bergen Op Zoom  and Steffan de Glaube


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