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2001 GNW

Northern War III

SCA St Florian, 6th, 7th & 8th July 2001.


Steward and Head Cook: Stefano d'Urbino Bookings & A&S: Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

CONFLICT Between St Florian and River Haven continues unabated!!! Armour up for a day of fighting and valor, an evening of carousing and revelry! Strategic war scenarios include field, bridge and fort fighting decide one half of the war, Arts and Sciences competitions decide the other half.

RESPECTABLE Innkeepers will provide all and sundry Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast. BYO Alcohol. Site is discretely wet, so please bring period drinking vessels. Tent sites and communal bunkhouse available, hot showers and toilets. Please bring pavilions, banners, siege equipment, etc.

YOUR Northern War Location: Allawah Scout Camp, Allawah Road, Chuwar, QLD 4306, off Mt Crosby Road, North of the Warrego Highway (54) Map Blue - 193Q9 UBD Brisbane Street Directory 1998 (42nd Edition)

HAPPENINGS: Site opens Friday afternoon 6th July. Armour inspections and scenario arrangements Saturday 7th July 10:00am, fighting starts 11:00am, continues all day. A&S Pentathlon also starts 11:00am, also continues all day. Lunch held during day, dinner at night. Bardic circle after dinner. Tenting and bunkrooms available overnight. Breakfast next morning.

ARTS & Sciences Competitions: (1) Banners; (2) Fabric Decoration; (3) Cardboard Castle making and siege weapon making in miniature; (4) Dance de Cleves; (5) Bardic Circle. Contact Baroness Eleanore of River Haven or Mistress Constanzia de Zamora for more information.

VERY Good Food: Saturday Lunch - bread, vegetable stew, lamb and bean stew, fresh fruit. Saturday dinner - roast lamb on rice with sauce, stewed fruit with custard. Sunday Breakfast - porridge, toast and eggs. Coridals and hot drinks available throughout the event.

OFFICIAL Steward and Head Cook: Stefano d'Urbino (address omitted) Please confirm any peculiar dietary requirements in advance.

CONSTANZIA de Zamora is taking bookings for Northern War (address omitted) Payment with bookings required by 29th June. Members $12, Non members $14. $16 at the gate, Children half price.

And let loose the dogs of war!