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2001 KOTN

Knights of the North Passe de Arms II

Steward: Gabriel de Beaumont


Things of Note

Gryffyd Ruddlyn was taken on as a squire by Alaric of Bangor

Steward Report

There were 19 members and 1 non-member who paid. I allowed 7 people into the event without paying for services rendered. The pas went well with one accident where Ysambart Courtin was hit on the hands and has sustained some soft tissue damage. The Marshal in charge of the event will be submitting a report to the Knight Marshal about the incident. The Shire Constable has the waiver forms and will be passing them on to the appropriate officer.

Financial report

  • 19 members @ $5.00=$95.00
  • 1 non-member @ $5.00=$5.00
  • Monies in: $100.00
  • Costs: $48.45
  • Profit: $51.55