2001 - GABRIEL'S "LET'S BEAT UP ON WOLF" TOURNEY user: readonly
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  • DATE 20/10/01
  • LOCATION "Gabby's Park"Fairfield Park,cnr of Fairfield Road and Noble Streets, Access via Cameron Street Fairfield UBD Map 179 Q6
  • INSPECTION 1330 hours; 1400 hours
  • COST $3 (Cordials provided)
  • Steward: Lord Gabriel de Beaumont, Baron St Florian de la Riviere.

THE QUEEN has requested that her GUARDSMEN fight 100 bouts in FIVE DIFFERENT WEAPON FORMS (that's 20 bouts of each weapon). Just what every combatant in St Florian has ever wanted - an excuse for another bit o'bash in the park and with Wolf to boot! Enjoy the spectacle! Enjoy the fighting! Come one and Come all!

Bookings to be made in cash on the day only. Hardship cases considered - contact the autocrat.This is a fund raiser for the Barony

Pleasant day for everyone except for possibly Wolf who fought 104 bounts in one day. (Fighting information available here)

Wolf's Bout information is located here!