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2005 Spring Baronial Report


Event Name: Spring Baronial

Steward: Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Head Cook Earl Sir Alaric of Bangor

Date: 03/09/2005


  • Tourney: Fairfield Park, Fairfield
  • Feast Graceville Hall, Graceville

Total no. Attendees: 61 plus B&B and crew (5 staff – 3 Kitchen, 2 set up)

Costs to attend:

  • Tourney only: $2M $5NM
  • Feast (inc tourney) $20 M, $25 NM, $8 C(6-16) 5> free


  • Hall Hire $100
  • Condiments $66
  • Chicken $85.44 (Red Rooster)
  • Groceries $84.62 (Coles)
  • Meat $154 (Mallens Meats, Fairfield)
  • Fruit & Vege $85.05 (Co Co’s, Annerley)
  • Cooking Alcohol $24.98 (Irish Murphys)
  • PA cord $13.00
  • Total: $613.10

Incoming Moneys

  • Members $516.00
  • Non-Members $623.00
  • Total: $1339.00

Minus costs: $525.91


  • $464.90 (profit) ($61 deducted for Lochac Levy)
  • There are no outstanding accounts.

Banked amount: 1365.90

  • (Banked in October and includes float of $840)


Constables Lord Raphael du Noir (Baronial)

  • None received

Marshal Gabriel de Beaumont

  • Tourney was Single Kill, Double Elimination.
  • Winner: Earl Sir Draco of Yorvich

Herald Lady Sabine du Bourbonais (Baronial)

  • None received

General Report

  • There were no safety issues, and no attendees asked to leave due to poor behaviour
  • Unknown how many entrants in the tourney
  • Three awards – Raphael du Noir received a Bouget, Gabriel de Beaumont and Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora received Order of St Florian

Champions are:

  • Heavy Earl Sir Draco of Yorvich
  • Arts Lady Cecilia della Santa Maria
  • Baroness’s Lord Henri de Montferrat

Reports from officers not received and took a hot pokey stick to get one out of the marshal (Gabriel). Argued whether or not I needed the numbers of participants in the tourney. I lost – and now I have an incomplete report! <Ranty arms>

Head Cook took several months to get the receipts to the steward. Even when this occurred, the receipts were incomplete or not appropriate. Stat Decs were required however were not received and Head Cook has now moved overseas. <More Ranty arms ensue>.

  • Not sure how to get around the whole trying to get all receipts off people unless no money goes into their hands – however $800 on someone's visa is a bit rude…
  • More banner supports are needed to make that hall look as effective as it could. We have four that are splendid need another 6! Probably wouldn’t cost more than $300. More banners good.
  • Kitchen made an error with one of the dishes so to ensure that the attendees were appropriately fed, they got some roast chicken from Red Rooster with some period appropriate dressing/spices etc.
  • Money was budgeted to make banner suspenders however was unable to make them in suitable time. This has caused an excessive amount of profit. Gouging the peasants wasn’t intended this time… Oops.