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2006 Cold War


Cold War 2006 was, as advertised, cold. Though it sprinkled the whole weekend, much fighting, feasting and a fair amount of alcohol was had. Highlights of the weekend were firstly, of course, the wars, of which there were many.

Thanks muchly to Sir Berenger of Nancy and Lord Miles de Corwell who co-ordinated, and commiserations to Berenger who was unfortunately broken fairly early in the piece. This was the only major breakage to my knowledge, and the rest of us simply got bruised.

A 'special' mention should also go out to the boys of DX, without whom many of us would never have acquired, or indeed thought to acquire, medieval rap names. And the drinking team NWA: Normans With Attitude would never have triumphed over out nameless contenders. For those who are wondering, names included: Feminem, Buster Norman, P-unit, Fifty Shields, Notorious Glaive, Two Pike and the list goes on.

Everyone should come next year, it is a total blast. Also amusing is Qantas attendants when we explain the funny shaped bag is a war shield.