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2006 Winter Baronial Feedback Stanzi


Newcomers are the lifeblood of the SCA. I had the pleasure of accompanying five newcomers and one almost newcomer to the Winter Baronial. They had a fantastic time and were unawed by the spectacle. Every one of them mentioned how much they enjoyed playing with the sling and archery equipment, they loved dressing up, they loved the food – but best of all they loved being able to dance.

Bringing along newcomers is very exhausting process. This time it was easy and this was due to some key people who took interest and gave of their time. I would like to acknowledge and commend:

  • Lord Giovanni Vendolino da Firenze, and Baron Ysambart de Courtin who gently encouraged and spent time teaching my newcomers on how to shoot a bow and to use a sling. They ensured good fun at all times.
  • There were many who opened their wardrobes which allowed a range of clothing for them to choose from. Lady Elizabeth de Foxle, Dame Baroness Felice d’Avignon, Viscountess Huguette de la St Germaine, and the Baron and Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere.
  • Lady Helen Wentworth who co-ordinated and led the dancing
  • Finally and most importantly, all of you who stopped and spent some time to talk to them.

The difference between this event and previous events that we have run, is that there were greater opportunities for people to have a go at different activities – such as archery and dance. Recruitment is very important to our organisation. Allowing people to turn up and actively participate will mean that we are more likely to be able to inspire people to become long term players. What this means for you and me is that we get more people to enjoy the SCA experience with. The Winter Baronial was very successful in providing these activities.

Included is a letter I received from Francesca, Mariana’s sister. (You may remember Mariana from June's issue of DLV.) I look forward to more events with these newcomers. I hope you do to.

Greetings Constanzia, Thank you for a wonderful day and night last weekend. I had a ball. I enjoyed watching the fights and even had my turn at archery. A sport I was instantly addicted to. The feast would have to be the highlight of the day. It was interesting being a part of the (less formal) court proceedings. The food, the company, the atmosphere, the dancing (you posing on the veranda) - HAZA (if that's how you spell it) !!!!!!!!!! I look forward to the next one !!!!! Best wishes Franchesca