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2008 Berenger Donations

Aesa and Contarina

  • Leather man bag
  • Shirt fabric

Anne and Collette:

  • 2 x shirts worth of linen
  • Black wool for hose 3m
  • lots of other linen/hose however has been sent down to Sydney


  • 2 x Fighting shirts
  • Gold and blue brocade
  • Gold jaquard
  • Purple silk
  • Red velveteen


  • Black velveteen for flat cap (and lining)
  • Canvas for pilgrims bags
  • Navy wool for hose 3m Blod Edit Delete


  • Canvas for interlining Edit Delete

Dimitrii & Jocelyn

  • Navy wool for jacket


  • Purple velveteen UFO


  • Gold Miffy cord five rolls (not used in this project)
  • Black brocade (not used in this project)