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St Florian de la Rivieire - Baronial Changeover Process

The Poll for commentary on the proposed candidates for Baron and Baroness is now closed.


I would like to thank everyone for their time contributing to the Crowns decision.


The Crown will now consider the commentrary of the membership and make a decision on the candidates as per the remaining calendar dates: 


Sat 19 Oct - Crown announces decision


Sat 26 Oct - Crown Announce Successors in Court


Sat 23 Nov - Devest / Invest Event – An Eastern AffairMt Gravatt Showgrounds, Stewards Lilya bint Hizir and Steffan Glaube (in the event there are no successors the event will still run)



added 9/10/2013

Greetings to the Barony,

At the meet the candidates night Drake and Acacia agreed to also do a written version of their responses from the evening so those not there would know what was asked and how they responded.  They also had the opportunity to articulate / elaborate further than they discussed on the night if they felt the need to.

Drake and Acacia have also sent their apologies (although not required in my opinion) for the delay in getting these to the group but some sudden family health issues have taken their focus.  Family must come first.  

Following are the questions that were asked on the night and Drake and Acacia's responses.  Their responses are in red.  Bullet points under a questions are questions that developed as part of the initial question after some small discussion.

If you have any questions regarding the process or this information please drop me a line.


What is the process from here? (answered by Paul)

King and Queen advised that they wish to receive feedback on the current nominees.  In the event that there is not sufficient support for the candidates the King and Queen will advise us of any further action that needs to occur.


Acacia – been a fan of yours been a big support for other people – as a person been inspirational.  Why have you not put your hand up for this previously?

This is not an easy job and I have the utmost respect for those that do it alone.  Up until now I have not had the support to do the job alone.  Now that drake and I are together in the same state, I am able to put my hand up.


How will you guys ensure you have time for your rest and recovery?

Date nights :-)  , there will be times when family and our relationship will take priority.  We ask people's consideration and respect of that

You have both done a lot of work in kitchens and how will you balance being in the kitchen and being on show?

Cooking is something we both love and if we stop doing this then it lessens our enjoyment of the game.  We do plan to keep cooking but in different ways.  One in the kitchen and one always out at the event.  For big events we will both be on display.  However there are other ways that we can help out - preprep for example.  It all comes down to scheduling and sharing the load.

We will be doing court together, but one of us will probably take more of a lead.  And that person in the lead will be swapped back and forwards.


Acacia, Will you still be playing hockey?  What can we do to support you to allow you to continue playing hockey but still be available?

 Yes I will still play hockey on sat afternoons.  Which means that I will be out for an hour or two during hockey season.  If you really want me to be at the tournament how about holding it on a Sunday


How do you see the inclusion of family friendly events and how the implementation of the childrens award program will work in st Floz?

I think it is really really important.  I think we need to be more inclusive of children and young people at events.  Toy boxes ect.   Children are the future of the society and we would love to see a Belatrix, son of Belatrix come out of this barony but that will only happen if children have a positive experience of events.  We’re also a big fan of having games days where there are tournaments and games/entertainments for children and adults alike.

You have thought about a couple of questions and couple of answers that may have been asked tonight so what have been the most difficult questions to consider and what is your response to them?


I am in personal fealty to my students as they are to me and they will always be part of my life.  We will hopefully also have a fealty to the people of the barony and it is a matter of finding a balance.  But supporting one does not mean that it is a clash of support to another as they are all part of the sca and active members of the group.

What is your big plan / vision in the barony – what do you want to accomplish?

We want to grow the Barony and to do that we need to focus on recruitment and support for new members.  Older members are already aware of resources they can access and have their own motivation to play.  Therefore all of us need to be focused on supporting the newer members of the group.

How would you lead St Florian through the Zombie appocolypse?

Shield walls, axes and focus on decapitation wraps.   Remember we are a “mostly” harmless group (according to the CIA) which has good survivalist skills come the nuclear holocaust.  Drake’s response to the Zombie Apocalypse is just to feed everyone in the Barony peach cider which will mean nobody will care about the zombie apocalypse.


St Florian has had a strong presence on war field – if D doesn’t fight if running kitchens – how do you represent us on the field

It’s true that neither of us currently fights (although Acacia is deadly with a hockey stick), we are keen supporters of the arts martial in the SCA.  For years, Acacia was assisting with water wenching and Drake led the combatants of Innilgard when he was a baron there.  We will both be assisting combatants in anyway we can.


If we are successful, we will be forming some brainstorming workshops/sessions where we will be talking about the feasibility of a St Florians War Unit and what we can do to help.  We are hoping to find a happy medium between combatants fighting for their barony and their household.  We will also be appointing someone to lead the war unit on the field. If  selected we will be consulting with the fighters how best to enact this.


Drake and Acacia were asked to mention anything else they wanted to add:

Drake – how long: 3 years, Then will review

We will be setting up a facebook presence as B&B St Florian so there is a separation between personal opinion and Baronial Presence

Will confer on all decisions and tell people that they will get back to people where required.  Decisions will come from a joint statement from the B&B accounts.  Emails from private emails will be private opinions.  We will be encouraging a consultative style.



added 28/9/2013

Please be advised the Poll for Their Majesties to seek feedback on support for the nominees for the position of Baron and Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere is now open. An email has been sent to all current members of the Barony.

The Poll will close at midnight on Saturday night the 12th of October. 

The poll may be found here:

Although using the electronic method is the preferred option of Their Majesties, if your preference is for a hard copy form, one can be requested from the Seneschal by emailing or downloaded by logging into the files section of the yahoo email group. 

All the details and instructions required are on the Poll form. The electronic and hard copy versions contain the same information.

Be reminded that Their Majesties require your name and membership number as part of Their process but your responses will only be seen by Them and will remain confidential.

If you have any questions regarding this process please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Service 

Steffan Glaube
St Florian de la Riviere


With the announcement that Their Excellencies Bain and Bianca will be handing back their lands to the Crown, it is time to begin the process of discovering their successors.

To that end Nominations for the positions of Baron and Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere are open.  The Baron and Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere are the Crowns representatives in these lands and as such have such rights as is bestowed by the Crown and such responsibilities as required by Corpora, the laws of the Kingdom.  The Baron and Baroness do not need to reside within the boundaries of the Barony as long as they can fulfill the requirements of this position and demonstrate and active participation in the group.  There also does not need to be a Baron and Baroness.  Same sex couples and as seen recently, a single candidate can nominate to be the Crowns representative. 

As stated in Corpora:

"The Crown shall appoint as Baron and/or Baroness those individual(s) deemed most fit to represent the Royal presence in the Barony. The Crown shall give consideration to the wishes of the populace of the barony and the advice of the reigning Baron and/or Baroness before making such an appointment.

Landed Barons and Baronesses must maintain sustaining or family membership for the duration of their tenure."




Nominations should go direct to the Crown –

Nominees should send a letter of intent including a description of themselves, their history in the SCA and their plans if selected. 


In consultation with Their Majesties and the Kingdom Seneschal the process timeline will be:

Sat 17 Aug - St Florian Battle of Buttony Cross - Announce Process / Nominations Open
Sat 7 Sep - Nominations close midnight - September Baronial -Fairfield Park Fairfield.
Sat 14 Sep - Nominations announced - Riverhaven 30th Celebration - 
Mon 23 Sep - Meet Candidates Night 7.30pm - Venue TBC (proposed as Bridge Club)
Sat 28 Sept - Poll Opens
Sat 12 Oct - Poll Closes - Info to Their Majesties
Sat 19 Oct - Crown Announce Successors
Sat 26 Oct - Crown Announce Successors in Court
Sat 23 Nov - Invest Event – An Eastern Affair, Venue TBC, Stewards Lilya bint Hizir and Steffan Glaube 


Further details on how the poll itself will run will be released as they are confirmed.
This is an exciting and emotional time for our Barony, so be warned, our SCA world is a microcosm of larger communities and in smaller communities such as ours, emotive subjects can become heightened.  It is important that during this time we remember that the blade of our tongue can cut deeper than steel, our words can pierce deeper than any sword, but that also our care, respect and support can also be as heightened.  Let us live up to the community based on courtesy that the Society has worked to create for almost 50 years.
For the moment, think upon who you feel would best represent the Crown in St Florian de la Riviere and if you feel so compelled suggest that they nominate themselves for the role.
If anyone has any questions relating to the process please do not hesitate to contact me.
in service,
Steffan Glaube OL KSCA
Seneschal St Florian de la Riviere