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22.01.2005 Sebastians Day Revel

The Flier

The Crew

  • Steward: Master Stefano d'Urbino
  • Cook: Master Stefano d'Urbino

Summary by Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

I have very fond memories of sitting in the alcove behind Stefano's house, small and intimite, with cushions and comfort. The food was lovely, the quiet discussions. There was a lovely breeze which made the event very pleasant. However it stopped and all of a sudden, just about everyone started to pool into nothing. I was attending as Baroness by myself as Gabriel had to attend a tourney at Willoughbyvale. He and Nathaniel came late. I think it was their fault that the breeze went away. Doesn't matter, I'll blame them anyway...

Unfortunately, we don't appear to have any photos of this event on site.