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23.07.2005 Battle of the Buttony Cross

Location: Tourney: Yeronga Park on Honour Ave in Yeronga Tavern: Souths Football Club, Graceville Ave Graceville

Time: Tourney: 2 for 2:30pm start Tavern: 7:00pm

Cost: Tourney: $2M$3NM Feast $17M$20NM

Bookings: Mynjon du Jardin Event Type: Melee Tourney and Tavern

Description: It is a four a side Melee tournament that decides who gets to carry the St Florian Banner into war for the following year.

You don't have to pre-arrange the team, just turn up and we'll work something out. If we get too many fighters we'll jack up the numbers to five a side. Heraldry encouraged, it's a good time for a few of the households to trot out the colours and a few of the knights to dust of that top shelf squire.

Master Ianto van Diemen is once again blessing us with the bounty of his brewing prowess and the beer and cider are included in cost until the kegs run dry.

Dinner is tavern fare of hearty stew, breads and sweet desserts concocted by the nimble hands of Lady Lilith and her willing kitchen companions. For the budget minded the tournament is a cheap fun day out in garb and feast has free beer, what more do you need.

For the fighters (especially those without white belts) this may be the one short term opportunity you have at acquiring a fighting award that King Sir Cornelius von Beck does not have - the sacred Buttony Cross.

Please book promptly to look after the cooks sanity.

Steward: Mynjon du Jardin Feastocrat: Lillith de Tarra

Other Info: Please book promptly to ensure catering numbers are met.