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26.06.2004 Baroness Birthday Par D arms

The Flier

Click here for photos of the event.

The Tenans

  • HRH Draco of Jorvic (Baroness's Champion)
  • Lady Der Draigan Rhudd fighting on behalf of Lady Helen Wentworth (Baron's Champion)
  • Master Baron Ianto Van Dieman fighting on behalf of Baron Giles Leabrook (Arts Champion)
  • Lord Mynjon du Jardin (Archery Champion)

Things of Note

  • Authorisation bout for Leopold of St Florian was fought by HRH Draco of Jorvik.
  • Lady Lucia Littlefair performed <something help me out here!>

The Crew

  • Steward: Lady Helen Wentworth on behalf of HRH Draco of Jorvik
  • Cook: Master Stefano d'Urbino
  • The menu
  • Marshal: The Honourable Lord Vandel
  • Constable: Lord Raphael du Noir