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The Crown needs a letter from you to assist in their decision to bestow any award. There's a simple rule about award recommendations: the candidate is only as worthy as the letter that you write.

The Crown will be looking for information about the candidate:

  • how long have they played,
  • what aspects of the SCA do they enjoy,
  • what contributions have they made

This provides them with good and memorable things to say about the candidate.

An example of how to write a recommendation to the Crown is as follows:

Unto Draco and Asa, King and Queen of Lochac, does (title if you have one) Robert Recommendationwriter send greetings on this 1st day of August 2006

RE: Thomas Do-a-Lot (Mundane Name), Barony of St Florian de la Riviere - AOA

(Now explain the reasons why you feel this person is deserving of the award)

I bring to your attention Thomas Do-a-Lot who has served the Barony of Saint Florian de la Riviere for the last two years. He enjoys fighting and was authorised in 2005. He has been responsible for a couple of small tourneys, organising equipment for fighter practice and generally assisting at many of the events within the Barony. He has also a keen eye for detail and dresses well. Thomas has attributed much to our Barony and has a pleasant demeanour adding to the essence of the SCA.

I remain your humble servant

Robert Recommendationwriter