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A&SPimp Your Tourney

Pimp Your Tourney

The objective is to encourage more heraldic display and general atmosphere for members of the Barony particularly at Tournaments.


  • The pennant design has been created by Giles Leabrook.
  • Cost is $10 which will give you the blank pennant (fabric, edged with bias) and access to paint and equipment to make your pennant.
  • Those people who have registered devices are highly encouraged to participate, however those who have submitted can participate. Those people who haven't quite settled on a design for a device may have options too. Something for everyone.


  • Assistance to design, and construct fighting tabards
  • After design consultation on your choice of period tabard style, participants will be given a list of fabric that they need to purchase.
  • Access to sewing machines will be made available at the hall.


  • Classes on Shield prepping and painting available on request!

Portable Holes and Poles

  • These will be constructed and made available to people. Cost to be determined.

Shade Pavilion, hiding mundane items and other creature comforts

  • Shade Pavilions - Bulk Canvas purchases could be arranged dependant on numbers.
  • Heraldic Cushions
  • Disguising those mundane items!
  • Period seating (still in research phase and potential if sufficient interest is raised)