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A bubble burst

A bubble burst by Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

I guess it all started for me at Great Northern War 2007. Great Northern War is where my household compare notes, score points, skite about wins and losses because we're sooooo grown up, and work out what their goals are for the following year.

Berenger announced that he was going to win Crown. Of course the household looked at me and made comments along the lines of, "well we know what you're doing Stanzi".

Clothing Berenger? Should be a cinch. His persona is C14th French. Nice simple lines, all about the fit and finish. I had already completed a nice heavy black wool jacket, rabbit poo buttons and button holes hand finished with silk for him with my apprentice Lucia Littlefaire. I have a hose pattern from Sir Alaric which is a little tight on the calf for him because apparently Sir Alaric is a man with dainty calves (er no). A simple fix with fit. No problemo. I'm quietly confident that this really won't cause much of a blip on my life.

The fateful day arrived, I grit my teeth and brace myself for the inevitable. Mr B wins Crown. Yup, ok, I know what my job is. It's all good. I know it in my heart of hearts it's going to be C14th reign.

I get the chance to confirm the C14th plans that were firmly in my head with Mr B. His response was..."Well I was thinking Tudor". Tudor? Berenger? Skirts and codpieces? Really?! The bubble of simplicity bursts into a rush of pain and fear (Or was that an anurism?) which was chased down with a bottle or two of bubbly. (Bubbly, cure for any fear of an impending costuming adventure.)

Post bubble burst

For the next two months, I had people lined up around the corner asking me "how did you convince Berenger to do Tudor?". Like I had ANYTHING to do with it! I had no control, no influence. His mind was made up before our discussion. I AM INNOCENT!

However.... I've since found out that the blame could be attributed to some southern folk, not from Rowany, who suggested that it would be a good period for him, as it was the period for them.... But I suspect that Berenger and Bethan had a plan in hand for they are cunning and clever and organised. :)