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About Louvain

House Louvain

“Als Ich Can”

Who are we?

Louvain is a group of friends who actively participate in SCA activities together, pooling our resources and skills to enable the sum of the parts to be greater than the individual.

What do we do?

We try to enhance the appearance of SCA events by doing our best to look ?fabulous?. The living history movement provides much of the inspiration and philosophy to our projects. The emphasis is focused on constructing functional and realistic recreations of clothing, equipment and accessories.

How did we form? A dinner party that got out of hand.

In the beginning there was Sunday night dinner with Morwynna and Cornelius. We realised we shared common ideas and ideals within the SCA, and the household grew from there.

Do we fight?

The White Company of St Michael is the fighting arm of Louvain. The White Company forms as an individual entity for melee tournaments. If the St Florian Division requires White Company to form a separate lance for war it will, otherwise it's members take on roles within the Ventbarre unit.

The White Company often invites visitors or friends outside the Company to fight with them.

Does Louvain specialise on a particular time/place?

The group is based loosely on a Burgundian noble's retinue during the 1470's. A great deal of our equipment and clothing is based on examples from this period. Individuals are free to produce items from different times and/or places as they further their skills and enhance their appearance.

Does the Household have any Rules?

The only strict rules Louvain has are:

  • 1) I don't want to see anybody not drinking!
  • a) If you are fighting drink water. If you do not drink alcohol have a soft drink.
  • 2) Don't spill the Alcohol! (we use an Australian colloquialism not suitable to publish)

Can you tell we started from a social dining group?

Who is in charge?

This is a topic for debate. If you insist someone must be in charge it is Morwynna and Cornelius, but we all have something to contribute, and consensus drives any major project we may undertake. Cornelius is in charge of White Company. He delegates field command as he sees fit.

What is the symbol seen on a lot of Louvain members? heraldry, equipment and jewellery?

The symbol is a steel and sparking flint. When Louvain was forming there was strong influence from White Company heraldry, Company had used the flint and steel frequently. Household members have happily taken to the symbol, effectively using it as a household badge. It now appears frequently on all sorts of items showing our membership of the household.

Does Louvain have a campsite at Festival?

Yes we do. Several members have lovely pavilions, which we try to arrange to hide a small collection of modern tents. Our goal is to enhance court and field appearance, we do so with consideration to our many activities. Hidden as much as possible are a few "mod-cons" to make our lives a little more comfortable. We are well known for our comfortable lounging area, and last night open bar (we aren't going to carry it all home).

The Louvain campsite frequently hosts interstate or international visitors, guests from other households and White Company combatants coopted for the event.

Why are you called Louvain?

The household name took us a long time to finalise, it was one of those occasions where consensus was hard to achieve. Many names were proposed, until finally we decided to look for a suitable place that existed in the time and location we centre most of our research on. Of the places proposed Louvain sounded best. Salaberge and Leofric subsequently visited Louvain during their European holiday, and found it to be a truly wonderful place with many surviving 15 Cth buildings.

What does the household motto mean?

The household motto "Als Ich Can" is the motto used by Jan van Eyck (?-1441) to sign several of his paintings. It has been interpreted in differing ways, and these meanings may be applied to Louvain"s activities.

As (best) as I can.

As good as I can make it

If I can.

Related to a Flemish saying, a pun on Eyck's name: 'As I (Eyck) can but not as I (Eyck) would.'

Because I can.