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Armour can involve great expense and or great effort. When done well, it is safe, effective and looks good. It can also be done badly which can be potentially dangerous. Armour is a very personal thing, and says a lot about the way a combatant thinks about the game.

There are many facets to armouring including padded undergarments, leather harness to metal plate.. We are developing these resources to enable on-line access to various articles. We hope these will be of assistance to you. If your areas of interest are not covered, please feel free to consult with one of our more experienced people in the field.

The St Florian Style

The fighters of St Florian de la riviere are well noted for their very large and often striking war units. This is due to the effort put into armouring and decoration, including all battlefield gear, dress and weaponry.

Armouring can be done in three levels:

Full period armouring

This is best exemplified by exquisite suits of white plate armour, with padded acketons (coats) and chausses (leggings), leather strapping and other accoutrements like fully painted shields and chain-mail. It can be documented as being appropriate to period, with only minor exceptions, i.e. Sallet safety bars to solve the Sallet-Bevor neck gap problem, compulsory foam helm linings. This can be expensive if you choose to pay someone else to make all of your equipment (as well as the metal armour), however much of it is not too difficult to construct, and can be done with a little guidance and time.

White company is an outstanding example of excellence in this type of armouring.

Period and Composite Armours

Mostly period and Composite Armours are often used by people who cannot dedicate as much time to their field appearance. Here a high standard is still acceptable for visible armour. A good helm and excellent tabards hide most sins, however most of the time you will see a crossover between modern sports gear and period harness. Often, emergency stop gap measures are used to repair armour at an event, but these should be repaired correctly before the next event. Examples are: Straps breaking and armour being held on by duct tape, taped on gorgets, fluoro shoelace repairs, etc.

Ventbarre and Saint Sebastian are good examples of this type of armoury as a unit. Tabards hide an abundance of sins!

Modern Sports Equipment

Modern sports equipment is generally used as a short term measure. Examples of modern sports equipment which can be used are Hockey 'Gumby' gloves, modern skating knee and elbow pads, plastic plates (which may be used on the inside of coats of plate) and black track pants (under leg armour). Any modern or unsightly armouring can be easily hidden by tabards (which hide all sins). Much of the modern sports equipment is actually more expensive than some of the more period equivalents.

Fabric Armouring

Most fighters within St Florian de la riviere, both heavy and light, enjoy the protection and comfort of padded undergarments instead of using modern skating knee and elbow pads. Period appearance is an excellent aim and the added bonus of wearing padded undergarments, rather than modern sports equipment, is that it offers more comprehensive protection over larger areas of the body - eg chest, back, arms.

Depending on who you speak to, the country and time period that you are looking at, they will be called different things. Some will refer to the jacket as a Jack or Gambeson, others will refer to the same article as an Acketon or Arming Doublet. Though some specifics are slightly different, the aim of the garment remains the same -that is to help protect the body from nasty bruises. The same thing goes for chausses which are padded leggings - almost like Chaps (the cowboy type). Again, these protect your body from armour pinches and other assorted bruises.