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What are Awards? - Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Awards are the way that the SCA recognises work and effort by those who participate. There are a range of different awards stemming from different levels of the organisation. Some are recognised locally, in your Barony, some on a Kingdom level and at an international level.

It is one of the greatest pleasures of royalty (King and Queen or Baron and Baroness) to bestow these on the populace. They rely on you and your recommendations to ensure that they recognise these works.

Who can write recommendations?

Anyone can write recommendations and everybody should! It is very difficult to be all knowing and all seeing, even in your own group. A letter of recommendation from you can provide a lot of guidance and information to the Crown/Baronage. (Be aware that just because you've written a recommendation doesn't necessarily mean that the person you've recommended has will get the award!)

What do I need to include in my recommendation?

There are examples of various recommendation letters on this site to provide assistance - but all recommendation letters require the following:

Who does the award recommendation need to go to?.

If the award is a Baronial one, your recommendation needs to go to the Baron and Baroness. If the award that you wish to recommend is anything other than a Baronial one, it needs to go to the King and Queen. If your letter of recommendation is for a peerage, you need to also include the peerage order so that it can be noted by the order.

Introduce yourself and the relationship with the recommendee.

It is handy to know if this is your friend, your partner, your sister squire or brother apprentice - or is it someone that you noticed working hard from another group.

Introduce your recommendee, including their mundane name, and what group they're from.

This is pretty vital stuff. Some people have changed their names a few times so it can be difficult to track.

You need to describe the great works of your recommendee and what award you believe they would be an worth and excellent recipient of.

There are articles on the basic types of things that are looked at for each award on this website.

What do I do if I don't know what award to write a recommendation for?

Write the recommendation anyway and just be clear that you don't know and leave it to them. When I was Baroness, I received a Baronial service award that was actually more appropriate as a Pelican recommendation and I forwarded it onto the Order. That person was subsequently recognised as a Pelican.