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Baronial Finance Committee Policy

Where the financial decision is a major expenditure (ie over $100), the decision must be made by the Baronial Financial Committee (BFC). The BFC cannot make a decision on any expenditure unless all of the members of the BFC are present.

Members of the Baronial Financial Committee

The Baronial Finance Committee is made up of five members. They are:

  • Seneschal
  • Reeve
  • Baron or Baroness
  • Two paid members

The choice of the two paid members will be made by the Seneschal on the day. Preference will be given to those who have not served on the committee before, and that they are not involved with the proposal.


  • There will be an opportunity for a meeting after the Baronial Business Meeting however where required, the Baronial Finance Committee can be called to make approvals outside of the monthly business meetings.
  • Where possible, meetings should advertised with the agenda to allow members of the Barony to attend.
  • Meetings are not to be closed and comments can be considered by the Baronial Finance Committee.
  • Where possible an external person will be responsible for taking minutes which should be published promptly after the meeting.
  • Publication of the minutes is to occur on the St Florian list and onto the St Florian website.
  • A unaminous decision must be made prior to expenditure by all members of the committee.
  • Where possible, the person making the proposal of expenditure to the Baronial Finance Committe should be present to be able to answer all questions or negotiate where there are issues raised by the committee.
  • Where there is an issue, the matter can be returned to the person proposing to make amendments to be suitable for approval.

Delegation Limit

The Baronial Finance Committee can approve the following:

  • Event Budget Submissions
  • Equipment for the Barony which includes regalia
  • Costs incurred in the running of offices
  • Costs incurred for the running of offical training and practies
  • Assistance to cover travel costs of landed Royalty for a St Florian Royal Visit(once per reign)

Items beyond the The Baronial Finance Committee delegation

  • Lease agreements
  • Unusual circumstances

All matters must go through the Baronial Finance Committee prior to being passed onto the Ozibod for a final decision. Matter is to be managed for followup by the Seneschal where possible. If this is not possible, then by the Reeve.