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Bargain Money

Things I do to find a bargain and earn a little money to help pay for SCA extras.

Lady Josseline de la Cour

Make a list of what you are looking for

And then start to list where you could possible find these items and prioritise accordingly. Make sure you let others know what you are looking for. Get your family/friends to keep an eye out for things for you. It really works

Get up early and go

The early bird always finds the worm. People always ask how do I get all the bargains - it's imply get up and go go go

Garage sales

Search the listings see if there is anything worthwhile going, if so go, you never know your luck. If you are lucky enough to know early where the garage sales are make a plan, number them by location or prioritize them and go with it. You will get all your garage sales over before you know it and you will still have your morning.

Go to recycle Treasure markets

I get $10 sewing machine, overlockers, foam for padding helms, and so much more for a bargin prices. Make sure you go early. Pine Treasure Market is on Old Gympie Road at Dakabin. Caboolture tip has a trash converters' shop on Mcnaught Road. Pierce Avenue at Caloundra and the Noosa Tip-Top Tip Shop on Eumundi Road at Doonan. Aussie Junk - is on Old German Church Road at Redland Bay and Logan Recycling Market on Browns Plains Road.

Go regularly to 2nd hand shops

They have specials I was able to pick up white cotton sheets for under shirts for $1.50 each, purple wool $5. When you are on holidays check out 2nd hand shops when you are there cause they could be untouched by SCA hand. Maryborough, Hervey Bay has some great shops.

Make friends where you go

Treasure markets, 2nd hand shops etc they will help you find what you are looking for or go home and go through their things. This works it happens to me

Go to local markets either on Saturday/Sunday,

Make sure you go early. It's cooler, less people and the best bargains

Have a garage sale yourself

Get some extra $ and clean out all that old stuff. Do a combine garage sale with family/friends or neighbours.

Hit ebay keep an eye out

There is often some cheap material from time to time, buttons, cheap pearls, split rings etc. Or get on there and sell your items, make extra $

Save to pay for Membership and extras!

  • Get yourself a little money box and put 50c per person every week and by the end of 12months you will have your membership for the next year. This is worked out at the new price of $25
  • If you don't know what you want for Xmas? Ask for membership, spotlight vouchers
  • If you have a garage sale - buy some sausages, cans of drink and you will make some extra $ - this works my friend did this and made an extra $400
  • When there is the next SCA markets make sure you bring a few items to sell or trade. That piece of material that is sitting there is not doing you any good - but it could do someone else some good, and you can profit through $ or trade. Get rid of those old books that are not doing you any good - but could bring a new person a lot of joy!