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Baron's Champion

The Baron's Champion was created out of an inspirational deed by Gabriel's first champion who is renown for his grace and courtesy. The Baron's Champion is chosen from a citizen of St Florian de la Riviere who is not necessarily a fighter. They are chosen for their grace and courtesy and their service. Their role is at all times to show grace and courtesy as befits the representative of the Baron.

The Baron's Champions

The honour of Baron's Champion has been held by the following gentles:

  • Hrólfr Hreggviðarson (2002 Gabriel de Beaumont)
  • Villiame Bryson of Argyle (2003 Gabriel de Beaumont)
  • Helen Wentworth (2004 Gabriel de Beaumont)
  • Wystan of Wallesand (2005 Gabriel de Beaumont)
  • Orlando the Pure (2006 Giles Leabrook)
  • Steffan Glaube (2007 Giles Leabrook)
  • Acacia d'Navarre (2008 Giles Leabrook)
  • Magnus Thorsbjorn (2009 Giles Leabrook)
  • There is no current Barons Champion for Bain of St Florian de la Riviere