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Title Tricksiness: Court Baronetcies

Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

I have noticed a few people in the Barony getting a little confused over titles. Titles are tricky things! First thing to remember, everyone can be referred to as m'lord or m'lady. This article is going to concentrate on Court Baronetcies.

Court Baronetcies! (The Trickiest of them all!) There is the position of Baron and Baroness and there are also Court Baronetcies. There's also special Court Baronetcies bestowed upon those who have fulfilled the position of Baron and Baroness of a group. Confused? I don't blame you. One thing is easy: you can refer to them all as Excellency.

  • There is the run of the mill Court Baronetcies. These are bestowed upon members of the populace and come with an Award of Arms if the recipient has not already received one. You refer to them as Baron/ess <Person Name> or Your Excellency. EG Baroness Dame Felice d'Avignon
  • There is the position of Baron and Baroness. They are referred to as Baron and Baroness of <Placename>. The current Baron and Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere are Baron Giles Leabrook and Lady Maude le Letiere.
  • After a Baron and Baroness step down from their tenure as the Baron and Baroness they may (if they are very good) receive a special Court Baronetcy for their efforts from the Crown.
  • Founding Barons and Baronesses, if they are very good, are graced with the title of Baron/ess <placename. Note that there is no "of". The "of" denotes it to be a position, rather than a title. The Baron and Baroness St Florian de la Riviere are and, always will be, Master Gabriel de Beaumont and Duena Constanzia de Zamora.
  • The option of using an alternative title, as approved by the heralds, is only available to those citizens who have served as a landed Baron or Baroness. For example, if Lady Maude le Letiere decides to step down, and is a very good landed Baroness, she may be granted a special Court Baronetcy by the Crown. She may choose to use the French title of Baronne Maude le Letiere.