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Baronial Champions and Protectors

The Champions of the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere are held in high esteem as the contest that these good gentles have won is a hard feat. Each has displayed considerable prowess to attain this honour. All champions are chosen through competition except for the personal Champions of the Baron and the Baroness.  These are chosen for specific ideals and personal attributes.  The Baroness's Champion has been traditionally chosen for field appearance and courtesy. The Baron's Champion has traditionally been chosen for service and and grace. All Champions are chosen at the St Florian Baronial Championship. The Protectors of the Banner are chosen at the Battle of Bottony Cross. 

The Championships are as follows: 


Symbols of the Baronial Champions

  • Baronial Champion - White Shield shape with Purple Cross Bottony

  • Archery Champion - White Circle shape withe Purple Cross Bottony

  • Fencing Champion - White Heart shape with Purple Cross Bottony

  • Champion of Arts - White Arch shape with Purple Cross Buttony

  • Baroness's Champion - White Diamond shape with a Purple Cross Bottony

  • Barons Champion - White Quadrofoil shape with a Purple Cross Bottony

Duties of the Baronial Champions

  • Fight in the St Florian Division,

  • Wear the Baronial tabard or Champions symbol in combat whether in tournament or war 

  • To fight in a reasonable number of tourneys and wars if an authorised combatant

  • Participate in the Baroness's Birthday Pas d'Armes as the Tenans (if an authorised combatant, if not, to arrange a combatant to stand in their stead)

  • To assist in organising the next Baronial Championship Tournament or Competition. The Baroness's Champion is to steward the Baroness's Birthday Pas d'Armes

  • Behave in a chivalric manner as befits a representative of the Barony.

  • Other duties upon the Baron and Baroness' request

  • It is traditional for the Baronial Guard to cry "St Florian de la Riviere" at the end of court, and the personal Champions to call either the Baron or the Baroness's name.