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 Gabriel and Constanzia Baron and Baroness St Florian de la Riviere




Our first Baron and Baroness were Master Gabriel de Beaumont and Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora. As founding Baron and Baroness, they retain the title of Baron and Baroness St Florian de la Riviere. The "of" is maintained for the current Baron and Baroness. 



Awards Created

  • The Metier: to recognise those artisans who, through great craftsmanship and skill have enhanced the reputation and appearance of our Barony and its people.
  • The Bouchet: to recognise those people, through their service, have borne the load of duty and responsibility to enrich our gatherings and surrounds through immense and varied service. This is not limited to those members within the Barony, but is able to be given to anyone who has provided great service to members of the Barony
  • The Order of St Florian: to honour those who have, with vision and great initiative, taken it upon themselves to positively shape and influence it's traditions, it's culture and the manner in which St Florian is able to achieve greatness.

Awards Granted by Gabriel and Constanzia


  • 29/07/2001 Baronial Investiture Ianto van Diemen
  • 29/07/2001 Baronial Investiture Salaberge de la Granson
  • 26/01/2002 St Sebastians Day William Addemere
  • 16/03/2002 March Baronial Raoul Bourdonnement
  • 15/03/2003 March Baronial John of the Orkneys
  • 15/03/2003 March Baronial Nathaniel Mendoza y de Guadlajara
  • 15/03/2003 March Baronial Charyse the Shy
  • 2/08/2003 Great Northern War Villiame Bryson of Argyle
  • 20/09/2003 September Baronial Lilith de Tarra
  • 20/09/2003 September Baronial Sabine du Bourbonais
  • 1/04/2004 Rowany Festival Ianulfr
  • 1/04/2004 Rowany Festival Mynjon du Jardin
  • 21/08/2004 Buttony Cross Maud le leitiere
  • 21/08/2004 Buttony Cross Huguette de st Germain
  • 18/06/2005 Baronial Investiture Lorcan of River Haven

Bougets bestowed at unknown events. 

  • Inogene de Verney
  • Vitez Tatiana
  • Ysambart Courtin


  • 29/07/2001 Baronial Investiture  Michael of Waterford
  • 29/07/2001 Baronial Investiture  Leofric Willoughby de Broke
  • 26/01/2002 St Sebastians Day  Salaberge de la Granson
  • 26/01/2002 St Sebastians Day  Sabine du Bourbonais
  • 16/03/2002 March Baronial  Leonore de Scotia
  • 14/09/2002 September Baronial  Helen Wentworth
  • 14/09/2002 September Baronial  Steffan Glaube
  • 15/03/2003 March Baronial Johanna Hotzknect von Nuenberg 
  • 20/09/2003 September Baronial  Bianca de Napoli
  • 20/09/2003 September Baronial  Contarina da Bianca
  • 18/06/2005 Baronial Investiture  Dramatis Persona

Metiers bestowed at unknown events

Mynjon du Jardin

Order of St Florian

29/07/2001 Baronial Investiture Bain de Saint Florian
29/07/2001 Baronial Investiture Morwynna Branwynt
29/07/2001 Baronial Investiture Cornelius von Becke
29/07/2001 Baronial Investiture Alaric of Bangor
29/07/2001 Baronial Investiture Ulfgar the Unspeakable
29/07/2001 Baronial Investiture Acacia de Navarre
29/07/2001 Baronial Investiture Sebastian of Ventbarre
22/09/2001 September Baronial Leonore de Scotia
15/03/2002 March Baronial Felice d' Avignon
2/08/2003 Great Northern War Stefano d'Urbino
4/09/2004 September Baronial William Addemere

Order of St Florian bestowed at an unknown event 

Sabine du Bourbonais

Champions of the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere


Baronial Champion (Heavy Tournament)

Alaric of Bangor - September Baronial AS XXXVI (2001)
Leofric Willoughby de Broke September Baronial AS XXXVII (2002)
Kitan von Ravensburg - September Baronial AS XXXVIII (2003)
Alaric of Bangor – September Baronial AS (2004)

Protectors of the Banner (Melee Tournament)

Ventbarre 2001
Ugly Ducklings 2002
White Company 2003
(No protectors for 2004 as the Battle of Bottony Cross was scheduled over B&B’s trip to Pennsic)

Baronial Archery Champion:

Nathaniel Mendoza y de Guadalajara - March Baronial AS XXXVI (2002)
Andreas - March Baronial AS XXXVII (2003)
Mynjon du Jardin - March Baronial AS XXXVIII (2004)
Giovanni Vendelino Da Firenze - March Baronial AS (2005)
Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion:
William Addemere - March Baronial AS XXXVI (2002) – Juggling balls
Lady Sabine du Bourbonais September Baronial AS XXXVII (2002) - Shoes
Mynjon du Jardin - March Baronial AS XXXVII (2003) - Theatre
Giles Leabrook - September Baronial AS XXXVIII (2003) – Theatre
Mynjon du Jardin September Baronial AS (2004) - Leatherwork

Baroness's Champion - Inspiration to the Baroness through Prowess, Pagentry, Joy and Courtesy

Leofric Willoughby de Broke (2001 Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora)
Philip du Lac (2002 Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora)
Draco of Jorvik (2003 Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora)
Nathaniel Mendoza y de la Guadajara (2004 Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora)
Ysambart Courtin (2005 Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora)

Baron's Champion - Through Service, Grace and Courtesy

Hrother Hreggvisson (2002 Gabriel de Beaumont)
Villiame Bryson of Argyle (2003 Gabriel de Beaumont)
Helen Wentworth (2004 Gabriel de Beaumont)
Wystan of Wallesand (2005 Gabriel de Beaumont)