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Champion of Arts

St Florian Champion of Arts

Every Baronial Championship event, we choose our Champion of Arts. There has been a variation on the method of the topic.

When Gabriel and Constanzia were Baron and Baroness, the championship activity was drawn from a hat for each contendor. The championship was designed to encourage people within the Barony to move beyond their comfort zone and is a fun way to learn a new skill.

Examples of Draws


The Championship format changed during the tenure of Giles and Maude. The topic is chosen by the A&S Champion with consultation from the Baron and Baroness.

 Championship format has remained the same for Bain and Bianca. 

Championship Information September 2011

Champion of Arts

  • William Addemere March Baronial AS XXXVI (2002) Juggling balls
  • Sabine du Bourbonais September Baronial AS XXXVII (2002) Shoes
  • Mynjon du Jardin March Baronial AS XXXVII (2003) Theatre
  • Giles Leabrook September Baronial AS XXXVIII (2003) Theatre
  • Mynjon du Jardin September Baronial AS XXXIX (2004) Leatherwork
  • Cecelia Rosa de la Santa Maria September Baronial AS XXXX(2005) Textiles
  • Violante Rosa de las Andes Winter Baronial 2006 AS XXXXI Topic: St Florian. (Music in the theme of St Florian)
  • Grete Engelhardtz Winter Baronial 2007 AS XXXXII Topic: Persona. (German Dress)
  • Nesta verch Wyn Winter Baronial 2008 AS XXXXIII Topic: Love (Woven and Embroidered Pouch)
  • Grete Engelhardtz Winter Baronial 2009 AS XXXXIV Topic: (Hats and Headgear)
  • Adeline de Montford St Florian Baronial 2010 ASXXXXV Topic: