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  • Combat can be one of the more exciting activities available within the SCA from single tournament style to war environments. All forms of combat are fought according to rules which can be found at the Kingdom of Lochac Marshal Website.  Please be aware that there are age restrictions on combat depending on the type.
  • To be able to be able to participate in any form of combat within the SCA, you must be authorised. This process involves ensuring that the person authorising has a demonstrated knowlege of the rules, is safe to themselves and safe to others. This process can take a little time however is quite well supported.
  • The best contact point for newcomers are our regular meetings. The consist of warm-up sessions, basic skills and orientation, individual training, and group armoured work. There will always be someone on hand to take you through your first session, and make sure you let us know you are interested in learning what it is all about.
  • Combat articles can be found here: Combat Articles

There are three categories of combat:

Heavy Combat

  • Heavy Combat is one of the core activities of the SCA. An essential part of the myth and mystery of the middle ages surround the combat of the times, where brave knights battled with sword in one hand and shield in the other. We re-create knightly combat in a form that somewhat resembles the club tournaments of the middle ages.
  • We use a range of weaponry in combat games, either formalised one-on-one bouts on the tournament field, or massed combat on the more chaotic warfield. The weapons we use are not of steel and wood, but instead we use rattan, a solid version of bamboo. This allows us to use blows of considerable speed and power, without the result of seriously injuring or killing people. The armour we use varies considerably, with many using exact recreations of period armours, and others using medieval styled equipment with alterations for extra safety consciousness.
  • Learning the requirements for combat takes a while, but the enjoyment of this most satisfying of sports is enormous and ongoing.


  • SCA fencing seeks to recreate the Renaissance rapier combat practiced by civilians for honour and self protection. Fencing is fast and vigourous, and doesn't suffer from the heavy armour burden required by our full armoured combat. All our combat is based on the honour system for determining victory - competition is between friends who respect each other.
  • Our practices work on fitness and footwork, learning Medieval and Renaissance combat methods, and developing effective and good looking field appearance in our clothes, armour and display. Fencing requires a very technical applied physical knowedge which we teach, and is also good exercise.
  • A minimum age of 14 is required for safety and insurance reasons.

Light Combat

  • Light Combat, or projectile combat is very popular on the war fields of Lochac (Australia & New Zealand). Re-creating the war fields of the middle ages without attempting to add the flavour of the missiles flying around would miss a great deal . The word 'light' in reference to light combat refers to the fact that projectile combatants are allowed to wear physically lighter armour.
  • Light combatants roam the war field very effectively picking off the unwary of both heavy and light combatants. They can be shot by their own contraptions, but are not struck by the blows of the heavy combatants. This allows a wider range of builds to become light combatants, such as the younger or the older interested parties, as well as those of very slight build or lower mobility. Being shot with one of the rubber-blunt safety tipped arrows still hurts though, so it is still not for everyone.
  • If you are interested in participating in Light Combat, please feel free to attend fighter practice