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Contributing To The SCA

Contributing to the SCA

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a volunteer organisation. Individually we may be very capable, but if we combine our efforts toward the same end, we can create something truely specatacular. How we contribute and make things happen is what defines who we are as a group - be that a Kingdom, Barony, Shire or household.

There is a lot involved in making things like feasts, tourneys and lovely frocks happen so there are so many opportunties for you to assist. Just think for a moment: to run a simple tourney involves:

  • The administrative arm of the SCA - insurance, incorporation rules and processes, financial rules and processes etc.
  • Then there's physically making the tourney happen: location, someone responsible for taking the money, marshals, constables, heralds, equipment, someone to possibly provide food, advertising so people know when to attend, attendees in their armour/garb, banners and pagentry... the list goes on.

What can you do to help? It's pretty simple. Essentially, the best way of helping people is observing and taking all opportunities to help people. It could be volunteering to wash the dishes through to helping someone carry gear who may be struggling. As you get more involved in the SCA, you may find something that you're particularly good at.

It is very important to offer your assistance instead of wading in and lending a hand. Some people may just not want help and that's perfectly acceptable.

Assisting at Events

Most of our larger events have our volunteers already organised. They will have a key organisor who will contact the e-list for volunteers, or they may tap you on the shoulder. If you are keen to help in this sort of scenario it's also a good idea to let your Baron and Baroness know as they are often in a situation where they are called upon to fix things.

If you are at an event and you would like to help do something, approach the steward (with care, sometimes it can be in the middle of a stressful situation) and offer your services. Nine times out of ten, the steward will be able to find something for you to do but don't be offended if they don't need help - that just means that they're super organised.

In same vein, offering to work on a future stewarding crew is also an excellent way to learn how to run an event. If you let the steward and Baron and Baroness know that you're interested, they will be able to orchestrate this situation for you. You may be able to work on a team, run a team or work in a position of second in charge. If you have a lot of confidence, you may be able to run an event yourself with some guidance from an experienced person.

Assisting the Administration of a Barony

So, assisting at events is a little bit much for you but you're a paperwork demon! There's also opportunties to assist Officers administer the Barony. Volunteering to be a deputy officer is always an excellent way of learning how the group system works. Baronial meetings are where the majority of our group decisions are made. Attend, participate, and volunteer for small projects. There is always something that could be made better. If you are interested in assisting the Barony from an administrative perspective, then contact the Seneschal. She will be able to find something or someone for you to assist.

Assisting with "Other things"

So, you're not interested in assisting with administration, or running an event but you have excellent skills in leatherwork, painting or making garments. This area of assisting, turning up to workshops, teaching, providing support and advise is also crucial for the SCA to create the atmosphere. If you are good at making things, we need your help! Speak to the Baron or Baroness, the Seneschal or the Arts & Sciences Officer and let them know.