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Dieu La Vault

Dieu la Vault

DIEU LA VAULT is the Newsletter of The Barony of Saint Florian-de-la-Rivieré, the South Brisbane branch of The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA and SCAA) Inc. It is not a corporate publication and does not delineate corporate policy. Information supplied in Dieu la Vault is supplied by YOU the reader. If information is not up to date or accurate please advise the Chronicler.

Printed copies are available at Fighter Practice (see RegularMeetings), Events (see UpcomingEvents) and through the Chronicler. If you wish DIEU LA VAULT to be posted, please provide stamps to the Chronicler.

Electronic copies are also available through the Chronicler and through this site.

Submissions are to be received by the Chronicler by the 20th to be published in the next months issue. Paper versions will be available through Monday night fighter practice and at UpcomingEvents.


We have been trying to maintain our historical records for Dieu la Vault. As you can see below, we have a lot of Dieu la Vaults, but not all of them! If you have a hard or soft copy of a Dieu la Vault that is not here, we would love you do to contact the Chronicler.

All Our DLV's are now stored (and searchable) in the Gallery! To see the index of DLV's - please click this link! Click HERE for all DLVs