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An Eastern Affair
St Florian de la Riviere Baronial Changeover


Middle Eastern Feast - NOV13




Börek Ici

·      Spinach – Ispanakli

·      Fetta – Beyaz Peynir

·      Lamb – Kiymali                                                V/D/W

Rockmelon, Honey Dew, Oranges                                 V

Dates, Figs, nuts, Dried Apricot, boiled eggs, Olives, Fetta                                                                                   V, D

Rose Water, Pomegranate Cordial, Water





Turkish bread – thick                                                     W


·      Carrot                                                                       V

·      Beetroot                                                                    V

·      Hummus                                                                   V

·      Baba ganouj                                                             V

Dates stuffed with Almonds                                       V, N

Dates rolled in honey and sesame seeds                      V

Baid Mutjjan - Boiled eggs – fried in spices                   V

Olives and preserved lemon                                          V

Fetta                                                                               D

Rockmelon, Honey Dew, Oranges                                 V

Figs, nuts, Dried Apricot                                                 V

Lamb Meatballs

·      Mint Yoghurt                                                             D

Falafel                                                                             V


First Remove

Chicken and Leek Madira                                              D


Chicken With Rice And Almonds                                   N


khoresht-e-fesenjan (chicken and pomegranate)          N

Roast Lamb chunks

Mint yoghurt                                                                   D

Cous cous or seasoned rice                                     W, V

Salat in sumac                                                                V

Vegetarian – Spiced Eggplant                                        V

Rice Pilaf

Soteltie - Roast kid                                                           


Second remove

Lokum - Turkish Delight                                            C, N

Orange in cinnamon                                                       C

Baklava                                                                W, N, C

Whipped cream                                                              D

Turkish coffee

Mint tea, Apple Tea

White sugared almonds                                                 N


D = Contains Dairy; V = Vegetarian; W = Contains Wheat; C = Contains Citrus; N = Contains Nuts

Speak to cooks regarding spices