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Email Lists

St Florian de la Riviere Lists

St Florian List

Join the St Florian List to discuss various topics within the group. Subscribe to this list by emailing

St Florian War Units List

Join the St Florian war unit's list to discuss strategy, tactics and the St Florian Division's plans for Rowany war-day and beyond. Subscribe to this list by emailing

Heynonnynonnymous (Entertainment List)

This list is generally used to send music over the email and whether or other music/performance related topics. Subscribe to this list by emailing

St Florian Encampment List

This list is to discuss organisation of the St Florian Encampment. If you are wanting to camp with St Florian and want to be kept up to date on developments, you can join by emailing

St Florian Officers List

The administration of the Barony is maintained by Officers of the Barony. This list is to provide a record of reporting, files to make change over of officers easier as well as improving communication between officers. This is a closed list to officers, deputies and the Baron and Baroness. To subscribe

St Florian Constable List

The office of the Constable is responsible for safety and security issues as well as lost property at events. Specifically, this mailing list is for the distribution of information specific to the Constables of the Barony. You can join by emailing