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Needlework is one of the oldest textile arts with surviving examples dating back to the Bronze Age. As with many art forms it has evolved though the centuries to develop a number of different styles, some of those familiar to modern embroiderers such as tapestry and black work through to others that challenge even the most experienced of embroiderers. Embroidery can be use to decorate costuming, pouches, shoes, favours, belts, headgear in fact virtually anything that stands still long enough!

The Society of Creative Anachronism sponsors a number of embroiderers’ guilds including the Lochac "Worshipful Company of Broiders". The company produces a regular newsletter and some members of St Florian are available to assist you in learning this exciting and versatile art.

Worshipful Company of Broiderers

Embroidery occasionally occurs at Arts & Sciences. People are encouraged to bring along projects, alternatively attend and be inspired!. If you desire a particular style of embroidery to be taught, or you have skills that you are willing to teach, please contact Dame Acacia de Navarre.